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1954 Ford Crestline two door coupe

Year: 1954 Color: white with blue Rental Terms: RENTED
Updated: 1/5/2017 1:21:56 PM
This 1954 Ford Crestline 2 door coupe is a very rare car that you just don't see around town anymore. My mom has owned this car since 1971. It was restored around 15 years ago, and then we did a refresh on everything again last year. The restoration included bodywork, 2 stage paint work, new blue interior, and some minor engine & fuel system work. It's getting a new exhaust system right now,

It has a 1955 Ford Crestline engine that runs well, the original engine was not rebuild-able. It has a Cruise-O-Matic two speed automatic transmission. The fuel system has been gone through, the brakes were recently done, and the electrical system was upgraded from 6 Volt to 12 Volt. The speedometer works, the dash is clean and the carpeting has been replaced.

It needs an exhaust manifold on one side, we just bought one and we're hoping it is the correct manifold, as parts for this car are getting harder to find thee days. We have not had time to install it yet but we will try to get it on there soon.

This car is no longer being driven, and it does need some more restoration work, but what a cool car to own! Who else do you know that has one of these? These cars are very rare and hard to come by.

*** Will consider a trade for a Classic Bronco or any reasonable offer.

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