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1973 Toyota Land Cruiser 6 cylinder all stock

Year: 1973 Color: Blue with Black Price: SOLD
Updated: 5/18/2016 12:07:25 PM
Engine: Modified Headers , Modified Exhaust System , Modified Carburetor , Rebuilt straight 6 , radiator upgrade
Transmission: Shifter on the floor
Exterior: Custom Paint , Restored Hardtop , Original Bumpers , Stock steel hood , New windshield and seal , New lights and lenses , Wire brush prepped & Undercoated
Interior: Restored stock seats , Rear seat , Lap belts
Brakes: Original Drums
Steering: Original Non-power steering
Suspension: Original
Features: Retro AM-FM Radio -stereo
Electrical: restored stock wire harness
Tires: stock 235x70R15 tires
Wheels: 15x6" stock rims
Fuel System: 14 gallon main tank
This 1973 Toyota Land Cruiser is a fine example of a Classic Vintage SUV! This Land Cruiser is a lot of fun to drive and very nostalgic indeed. It has a rebuilt stock 6 cylinder engine with no power steering, no power brakes and no disc brakes. It's a bone stock as they come besides some recent upgraders we did for the owner in order to get him a little more power.

We recently installed a new Specter off road Header & complete exhaust system & a Holly 350 2 barrel carburetor. It actually does have quite a bit more power now. The owner kept the old original parts if you want them. We also just rebuilt all of the rear wheel cylinders so the brakes work well now.

The paint is really nice. It came on the car when he purchased it a few years back. It has really clean stock black interior, with recently added rear seats & belts. The hard top is very clean and everything is nicely painted, including the rust-free floor pans. It has a stock-looking modern blue tooth radio with speakers.

Owner sold it on his own...
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