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1972 Light blue Stroppe Baja Bronco

Year: 1972 Color: sky blue with white Price: SOLD
Updated: 3/7/2015 8:17:57 AM
Engine: Original 302 V8 , stock carb and manifold
Transmission: Original 3 speed Manual , Shifter on the floor , dana 20 transfer case
Exterior: Original Paint , No Top , Original Bumpers , Stock steel hood
Interior: Stock seats , 4-point Roll Cage
Brakes: Original Drums
Steering: Original Non-power steering
Suspension: Original
Electrical: stock wire harness
Tires: 31" mud terrains
Wheels: 8" steel mags
Fuel System: 12 gallon main tank , 8 gallon side tank
axles: dana 44 , ford 9"
This 1972 unrestored Vintage Bronco is the latest RR offering. We just made the purchase, now it's here at our shop now. We are currently installing a new drivers side floor pan on it (other than that, it is 100% rust free) We just installed a set of white restored front & rear seats.

There is a high probability that this could be a rare little known of 'Presidential Edition' Bill Stroppe Baja Bronco. From what we recently learned, there were a handful of Yellow Bill Stroppe Baja Broncos commissioned by President Nixon, this may be one of those special rare Broncos. It has a clean Baja Bronco steering wheel, Stroppe roll bar with Stroppe sticker still partially intact, the same 15x8 steel mag wheels Stroppe's team has been known to have installed & the standard Baja dual shock mounts in front. We are going to find out if it is real or if it just has some Baja parts on it ASAP by getting an official Marti Report this week. This will confirm that it was built by Bill Stroppe's team in the early 70's. We will keep you posted when we get that report. It has not been restored yet, but it has a good running engine and it's going to be a fairly easy restoration.

Our current plan is to do a complete service inspection to tell us exactly what it needs, then we will start moving forward in February with the restoration. We plan to install power steering & power disc brakes first, then onto bodywork & paint. We intend on removing the roll cage, and sending it out for re-powder coating next week.

It has a stock 302 engine that runs with a 3 speed on the floor with a Dana 20 transfer case. The engine is being removed over at the eingine shop right now, it will be rebuilt back to stock. The customer has now ordered Vintage A/C to go under the stock dash.

This Bronco has a Dana 44 front axle with drum brakes & a Ford 9" rear axle. We intend on installing a new soft top for it. The current plan is to strip it completely for bodywork & paint, then paint it back to a new light blue matte finish paint scheme. Then, an interior bed liner was sprayed in. It has a factory spare tire carrier & a stock spare tire, which will also be match painted.

Then, back to the shop to have the entire underside pressure washed, sanded, blacked out, then undercoated. Then, we will add a new set of RR white Sport pleaded vinyl door panels, rear side panels & tailgate paneling. Then, re-install the black powder coated Baja roll bar with a front roll cage kit, along with some new black padding & wrapping with all new stainless & grade 8 hardware where needed.

We will likely do a lot more work to this truck, so keep your eyes on this one! SOLD
8/28/2014 - Ready to deliver
8/15/2014 - almost ready to deliver
6/19/2014 - Paint & bed liner now done
2/26/2014 - Stripped, blacked out chassis & engine bay painted in a Diamond
1/31/2014 - Engine out being rebuilt, time to get to work!
1/16/2014 - White restored seats, a spare tire & a better chrome front bumpe
12/21/2013 - Pictures just in
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