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Rocky Roads is HIRING!
Rocky Roads is looking for someone who has their own tools and knows how to work on Classic Ford Broncos. We are looking for someone who has a lot of experience with classic car restorations. Someone who is easy to get along with, who loves working on a team & working with other motivated people. People who work hard but bring to the shop a relaxed attitude. This is a small but fast moving business, you must enjoy a high paced but clean atmosphere. We are looking for a highly trained and experienced Mechanic. We are Rocky Roads Custom Vintage Broncos, You should Google us & check out our Facebook Page 'BroncoRestorations' before applying for a position here. We are seeking the following: 1) Mechanic / Fabricator $18-$22 HR starting pay with monthly re-visit in pay. If you get a lot done, your work is clean and you hold yourself well, you can make more than that after the first month once your skills are proven. 2) Master technician: Opportunity to become a shop foreman, while still wrenching daily and bring in 4-5 billable hours a day for the shop. Pay is $175 day to $200 day. If you get jobs done fast and your work is clean, and you clean up after yourself, you can get paid better within 30 days. The work has to be high quality and you must work & be clean when working at this shop, plus be a helpful all around team player that can work with others who might not be as bright as you are. We design, build and sell custom roll cages, 12" coil-over suspension systems, we make custom dashes and custom bumpers. Our business is 'Early Ford Bronco' specific, so please come ready to work on 1966-1977 FORD BRONCOS. You may at times need to work on different types of cars, so come prepared for this as well. We are located in a 5000 sq foot warehouse in Chatsworth CA. (off Prairie Street and Winnetka), with over 22 years in business we've been around the block and we've seen a lot of people come and go. There is surveillance and alarm systems, locked gated entry and this is a safe neighborhood. We just signed a three year lease in a new building, so we also need help getting parts organized and getting the new shop to speed. WE ARE LOOKING FOR PEOPLE WHO WANT TO WORK FOR THE SAME COMPANY FOR THE NEXT 3-5 YEARS. This is an intense fast paced dynamic job where even A level minds will be challenged. Nothing 9- 5 Mon thru Friday about this adventure. Regular random drug tests / 0 tolerance. If you are the type of person where you can get ahead of the job, then you will be able to run a 9-7 Monday to Friday Schedule a lot of the time. This means if you are the type of person that gets absolutely anything & everything done when you have the opportunity you will be ready when the big pushes come in. Jobs have to go out ON TIME. We seek only the best mechanics and fabricators for the shop. Must be highly organized, have endurance and energy, be able to take the ball and run with it. You may be sometimes asked to take our flatbed trailer to pick up or drop off a vehicle. If needed, wash a car or drive the truck and trailer to deliver a completed or pick up a broken down Bronco. We might send you to get cars from customers houses or businesses... This is a VERY dynamic job. Looking for a professional technician with passion. Preferred experience: Independent shop 5 years or 5 years at hot rod or fab shop. You must be able to teach yourself without hand-holding. Must be self motivated, like challenges, like to research challenges ahead of time so when it is time to start a job, you are a up to speed on it. You might also at times have the opportunity to go on the road as our mobile mechanic. We have a Class 3 Baja Race truck that we occasionally take to shows and photo shoots, which can be fun and challenging as well. To apply to any of these positions, please send info about yourself and resume, feel free to include pics, a Facebook link, info about yourself, etc , as well as a general resume. One of the first things we do is contact references and see if you are the type of person that the last company was wishing you were still there. NO DRUGS. Regular random drug tests.

Release on 4/23/2015
RR is relocating to a 5000 ft. industrial warehouse
We have been back-logged for over a year now, which lead us to start looking for a new larger location nearby our current location. We just signed a lease for a new 5000 square foot industrial facility in Chatsworth, where we can now house 20-22 Broncos indoors and 5-10 more outdoors. We are going to have 4 lifts and plenty of space inside & out for new projects. We will be moving all of March and April, we'll likely have a grand opening party some time in late May. This will allow us to hire more technicians & take in more jobs. If you are one of the people waiting patiently for the last few months, get ready to bring your Bronco in soon! We also just took delivery of 250 new RR wear-ables. Rocky Roads black hoodies $35.00, RR T-shirts in 6 colors $19.00 ea, baseball caps $19.00 ea, plus all of our technicians will now be wearing matching Dickies work shirts while they are working on the Broncos.

Release on 3/4/2015
Huge parts sale!
We have way too many new & used parts in stock and we need to sell off our excess inventory! If you need anything for your Bronco please call or send us an email and we will give you parts at prices far less than anywhere else! We have nearly every part a Bronco could ever need. Call Shaun 310-293-7801

Release on 9/9/2014
Magazine featured our Legend 4x4 Bronco
Four Wheel Drive Magazine has featured our first Rocky Roads Legend 4x4 Bronco in their October 2014 magazine, we will post it on our Facebook page as soon as the magazine hits the stands!

Release on 7/27/2014
Legend roll cages are in stock now
We just got a fresh shipment of 10 new Legend 4x4 Bronco Family Roll Cages! We will be using a few of them on some of the builds we are currently working on, the sale price is $1,250.00 until June 15th, then they will go back up to their normal price of $1,450.00

Release on 5/23/2014
New RR front Bumpers are here!
We just took delivery of 10 Rocky Roads front tubular style bumpers and 10 Legend plated front bumpers (five with push bars). Now we have plenty in stock to sell and install on your custom Vintage Bronco!

Release on 10/30/2013
Summer soft top blowout sale!
We just became an official dealer for Rampage! We now carry (in stock) brand new soft tops in black, white and spice, plus black extended bikini tops, regular roll bar bikini tops, upper windshield frame brackets and car covers. Call us for current pricing!!! 818-280-3593

Release on 7/19/2013
Rocky Roads has put together a list of questions all potential Early Bronco buyers need to ask before they purchase an Early Ford Bronco, especially Broncos from the Mid-West or the East Coast.

BUYER BEWARE! Most Mid-West, East Coast, Utah, Colorado & Mountain vehicles are prone to having major rust damage in the bodies due to excessive salt on the roads. Due to their design, Early Broncos are more prone to rust than most other vehicles of their age to begin with. Many Early Bronco re-manufacturers these days are out there on EBay and Craigs list purchasing cheap 'rusted out' vehicles, then attempt to restore them and call them 'rust-free.'

At Rocky Roads, we only purchase 95-100% Rust-free Broncos, mostly from California & Arizona. We DO NOT purchase 'rust buckets' like most of our competition, then attempt to fix the rust damage and sell them as rust-free vehicles. Once a Bronco has rust in it, the resale value drops by at least HALF in most cases. It's like having Cancer, and it only gets worse over time.

These days, when you see a cheap Bronco for sale on EBay or anywhere else, you can count on the fact that it has major rust throughout the body & chassis. STAY CLEAR!

Do yourself a favor and ASK QUESTIONS & consider the facts we've noted below before you purchase a 66-77 Ford Bronco:

-How long have you been in business? RR has been in business for over 20 years

-How many Broncos have you restored? RR has restored Hundreds of Early Broncos for people all over the world.

-How bad does the rust have to be to make you NOT purchase a Bronco? RR allows for only 5-10% of the truck to have rust, if it has more than that, we simply will not purchase it.

-Rust work can be done right, and it can be done wrong. RR does it right, using factory replacement panels. Un-ribbed aftermarket floor panels will 'depreciate' the resale value of your investment. Once buyers see there 'was' rust in your vehicle, they will RUN the other way.

-BEWARE OF CARPETING! Carpeting is a sure-fire way to hide rust from an unknowledgeable buyer. If a Bronco has carpeting, ask to see photos of the undersides of the floor pans & inside of the engine bay before you make a decision & look for factory RIBBED floor panels. If you see long cracks under the area where your feet sit when driving, be cautious! Not all broncos are totally rust free, but it's good to know what you're getting... especially when you're paying 'good money' for a restored Vintage Bronco.

-BEWARE OF 'ROADSTERS... (Early Broncos with no tops and no doors). Early Broncos usually have been converted to Roadsters for a reason! The most common reason is rust. Once a Bronco has rust in the body, in the rocker panels or door posts, the doors will not open and close correctly without doing major rust work! That is mostly why most companies sell Broncos with Fiberglass Door Inserts instead of hard Bronco doors. When Broncos are sold 'without doors' this usually means there was 'too much rust' to get the doors to line up correctly.

Did anyone see that recent episode of Fast & Loud? Those guys purchased a 'cheap' Bronco thinking it would make for an easy profit... they were dead WRONG! They ended up having to remove the top, doors & tailgate because the truck had SO MUCH RUST that they could not get the doors to go back on or fit right after paint! They 'lost profit' on that truck because they sold it without a top, doors & a tailgate! RR always includes restored hard doors on ALL of our Restored Broncos. This PROVES that the doors can and do fit, and we guarantee they will open and close correctly.

We install 'removable door hinges' so you can easily remove your doors when summertime comes, then re-install them again in the winter. If you want fiberglass door inserts, we can include a set of match-painted door inserts for you at a reasonable cost, but we never sell a Bronco without hard doors for 'integrity' & resale reasons.

-When your company cuts out rusted floor panels, do they graph in new 'factory correct' metal, or do they lay in flat 'non-ribbed' or diamond plated floor pans on top of the old rusted out floor pans?RR cuts out ALL of the rust in the floor panel, and graphs in new metal so that you will never see where the rust used to be, curing the cancer & creating a rust-free environment for years to come. RR's metal fabricators have hundreds of Broncos under their belts, so you can rest assured that if we do any rust work, it will be done right!

-How many Broncos has your company sold? RR has soldover 1000 Broncos to date! We currently sell somewhere between 15-20 Custom Vintage Broncos every year. Our price points are slightly higher because the quality is higher than most of our competition, and we pay more for the Rust-Free vehicles that we end up restoring for our clients.

-What kind of Guarantee does your company offer?RR offers a 1-year warranty on all driveline services, and 2-year warranty on bodywork & paint work.

-Can you give me 5 referrals I can contact before I decide to purchase a Bronco through your company? RR can give you at least 10 referrals before you buy a Bronco from us!

Many companies buy $2,000-$5,000 Broncos 'filled with rust', and then attempt to repair them and call them 'rust-free, which RR would never do. We always start with more expensive 'Rust-Free' West Coast Broncos, and end up with 'premium quality' vehicles.

Rocky Roads is still the finest Early Bronco restoration facility in the country becausewe purchase nothing but the BEST Early Broncos in the country, and only restore them to the highest standard. No low-level restorations and no exceptions. Our Broncos are true investments that only increase in value over time.

Since 2008, Early Broncos have risen 61% in value! Rocky Roads has helped this phenomenon happen by producing some of the finest Custom Vintage Broncos in the world.

Release on 5/21/2013

Rocky Roads has relocated to Chatsworth, CA
We have officially re-located into our new Chatsworth, CA, location. The address is 20400 Prarie Street, Unit A, Chatsworth, CA, 91311. On July 3rd, our Legend Ford Bronco Build will be completed, and we will start taking orders for our new legend 12" Coil-Over four link suspension system. Our Sequoia Brown 1974 Restoration is next in line to have our new Legend suspension package installed. This is now officially going to be a Legend Frame-Off Restoration, with a new Fuel Injected CRATE 302 engine, 4 speed automatic AOD transmission & new Centek wire harness. Visiting hours will be between 11-3 most days to check it out in person.

Release on 7/3/2012
Legend Launch
Our new Rocky Roads Legend Ford Bronco with 12" Coil-Over four link suspension system is going to be unveiled on July 1st, 2012. We will disclose the location for the event soon... We will be taking orders for our new suspension system starting in July. Once we have your Bronco, we need close to 6 weeks or less to torch off your old suspension and weld/bolt on our new Legend suspension system with Fox shocks, depending on how far you want to take your restoration. We will also be offering a Frame-Off Restoration, which will take 4-5 months. Keep your eyes on the 71 Legend in our Sales lot.

Release on 7/1/2012
Let RR Manage Your Bronco
We now offer scheduled maintainence for your Bronco. If you decide to purchase a Bronco from someone else, bring it in for a RR service inspection. Once we have the results from that, we can determine what needs to be done now, and what can be done down the line. We can customize an "Overall Performance Guide" for your EB to keep it running, steering and breaking the way it should. Avoid future break downs by planning in advance, and keeping your rig properly serviced.

Release on 5/13/2008
New Website Launched!!!
We just launched our new web site! We hope you find it informative and easy to use. Please excuse any errors, we will be updating regularly until it runs like a clock. Please watch the sales lot weekly if you are interested in purchasing a bronco. We get new ones in all of the time, and sometimes they go fast. Our current selection is awesome, but if you are looking for one that is a little more cost effective, we can help too! Just email us what you are looking for (stick, auto, etc) along with a price range, and we will do our best to locate the right one for you! Shaun Bryant, Owner

Release on 5/2/2008
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